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Know What is Car Deatiling and What It Includes

Car detailing or car valeting is thorough cleaning of cars which involves a lot of cleaning activities such as cleaning, polishing, and protection of the car parts from inside-out and top to bottom. Unlike in general car cleaning, special tools and products are used while performing car detailing.

The prime aim of car detailing process is to restore and enhance the paintwork of your car by eliminating any scratches or swirl marks on the surface of the car. Thus, the process does not have to involve extensive repairs and paintwork; however, minor restorative work is always involved.

Let's see what exactly a perfect car detailing process should include:

  • Paint Care
  • Cleaning of Wheels and Chassis
  • Headlights, Taillights, and Exterior Trim
  • Detailing of Interior
  • Cleaning of Engine Bay

Along with these basic aspects of an accident, there are some more which are nothing but insurance and claims work. Let us discuss about them on some other page.

These processes help your car to stay clean as well as in the excellent condition for years. This adds-up to its resale value. Car detailing is an art and it's always better to get it done from the expert car detailer. Bayside Smash Repairs is one of the best smash repairs and car detailing centres in Victoria.