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Being located in Melbourne, we build up genuine relationships with all customers in order to ensure spectacular results with happy faces. Even though, what can be a daunting task is finding a refinishing service provider that provides a professional service, quality finishes and excellent service each time. At Bayside Smash Repairs, we pride ourselves on providing best customer service in car smash repairs and also now evolve as high quality painting and refinishing services in Melbourne and strive to always delight our clients.

Painting and Refinishing Service Brighton

Bayside Smash Repairs continually assist and provide suggestions to each client in regards to their kitchen, bathroom doors and cabinet doors painting project. We discuss colour themes, lighting angles and overall quality changes that would enhance your house.

All our expert painters are qualified with a proper background of experience in painting jobs. They can very well handle the equipment of colouring. Our major objective is to provide a painting and refinishing service that ensures our customer’s satisfaction first.

Painting and refurbishing your home is a happy, but tedious tasks, especially at DIY. Giving an appealing touch to kitchen, bathroom, cabinets and doors needs attention to detail. To get these areas painted with your choice of colors, Bayside Smash Repairs service are the right one to call upon.

BSR offers painting and refinishing services Melbourne. It includes full gloss, pearl finishing, semi-gloss and other painting works. Kitchen is the highest traffic area after living room, and it needs to be refinished and designed to give a soothing environment. Moreover, with the interior trend changing rapidly, it is important to re-work on your kitchen area. If you’re entirely redesigning your space or re-working in the area, then try our painting and refinishing services.

We are the ideal choice for a long-term quality work and will not disappoint you.

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Our Services Include

  • Painting in a two pack oven bake
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Full Gloss
  • Satin Finish Any Colour
  • Pearl Finish Any Colour

The major areas those are normally skipped are kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets and doors. Our services cover these areas very well and offer an affordable painting price to you. We aim to provide you perfection in our work. With the combination of our strong work ethics and experience, talented staff, our focus is on fulfilling customer requirements related to refinishing and painting services in Melbourne, VIC.

Let us know your requirements of refinishing and painting services on +61 433 171 107 and our friendly staff will surely assist you with the quotes.