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The Latest and Newest In Driver Safety Technology

Cars have evolved over years, from horse powered motors to an electric running speed engine, stiff seats to adjustable ones, wooden wheels to alloy rigid tyres; a lot has changed. What has majorly transformed is the safety feature of the automobile. This is done to ensure that the folks inside can rescue any situation that could be dangerous.After the accident or any mishap occurs, the owner or driver carries the car to the panel beaters or car repair shops. The panel beaters and car repairs in Moorabbin and Cheltenham always advise the people about how safety in car should be taken at priority. The passenger and the driver should be aware of all the basic safety features that the car supports. This knowledge can there be survival strategy at the times it is required. Here are new safety techniques you will surely get into the latest model:-
  • Basic Safety Systems: The common features that a car carries for people’s protection are the seat settings, airbags, seat belts, child lock, GPS, back-up cameras, and Bluetooth.
  • Collision Warning: The introduction to such a feature which has potential to alert the driver about being too close to a vehicle that can cause an accident or injury is very sensible. The experts in smash repairs in Brighton and Moorabbin have informed the persons about this invention and how such ignorance could be avoided.
  • Automatic Headlights: Then there are tunnels and curves in darkness where you need to put on switch lights for the visibility. But hey dare you touch those switches; you are into such safe and automated hands that the headlights put themselves on.
  • Electronic Stability Control: Whenever comes a turn or the driver over-steers, a sensor just awakes which controls the system of car to avoid the loss of traction or skidding. The experts of car repair in Cheltenham and across Australia have found how people are unaware of these safety recommendations.
A lot more has come to announcement and practice when technology is judged for automobiles. Blind Spot-Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, 360 degree Camera, Emergency Response Systems and others are few sides of how technology has speedup to save our life while we are on the roads. To treat your car well after mishaps, attend the best panel beater, car repair and smash repair in Cheltenham, Moorabbin and Brighton at baysidesmashrepairs or dial 95555030.