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Car Detailing Services Melbourne

Bayside Smash Repairs is committed to the ultimate aim to get your car back on the road in the shortest possible time and this is why we emphasise on proceeding with basic formalities on rapid pace, and then immediately starting with the actual repair work. Once associated with us, you can be sure of getting only the superior quality services through the highest quality products. We have skilled and trained technicians to work on your car and make them look exactly how you would like it to appear! All services are backed-up with written guarantee plan.

What Services We Offer?


Our car repair technicians repair your car to a great accuracy and perfection. Repairing services provided by our skilled staff lead to align your car to the manufacturer's specifications.


BSR is a motor vehicle accident repair specialist and provides excellent smash repairs. Our smash repair services serve to refinish your car to its better than original look even after collision.


We have a completely equipped workshop to provide you with the latest technology crash repair services.


We also sell new car batteries for all makes and models to take care of your car startup issues.

Car Batteries


We are leading panel beaters and paint repairs centre in Victoria. We ensure that all panel repairs performed on your vehicle are of the highest possible standard. As far as paint repairs are concerned, we use only premium quality paints. After panel beating and paint repair, your car gleams with all new look ready to bang on roads again!

When a car is crashed, the first thing needed is to ascertain the damage and determine whether it can be restored. Driving a vehicle is one thing and evaluating its condition after the crash is another. No car owner, howsoever experienced he or she may be, is able to do so. Even a garage owner will find it difficult and won't be able to offer you total car detailing or high-end maintenance service. At such time, Bayside Smash Repairs is the best option to contact for getting into the depth of the damage of the car and decide the repair needed. Our style of inspecting a damaged car is unique. We are able to analyze quickly what type of repair the vehicle needs, along with the time, and cost required. We are known for quality car detailing services, and consider each and every aspect of the car while repairing. Right from the car battery, to windshield, body and interiors of the car, we perform checking and replacing better than those who have installed them in the factory. Being an expert in car detailing Melbourne, our skilled professionals ensure that your car is back on the road in a perfect condition and run smoothly as before. We replace the old parts with brand new ones that help in increasing the efficiency of the vehicle as well as its market value. If you’re looking for part replacement or complete car solution, then BSR is the one whom you can connect with.

Along with these major service areas, we have a range of smash and accident repair services for your car:

  • Car Detailing
  • Panel Beating and Collision Repairs
  • Spray Painting and Paint Protection
  • Interior & Trim Repairs

Smash Repairs Services Smash Repairs Services